Multilingual translation services by native professionals

Multilingual translation services by native professionals

Connect SL connects your company with the world - multilingual translations, reliable and written by native professionals

We are an agency of native professional translators. Each of us translates EXCLUSIVELY into his/her native language. We have real, hands-on knowledge, acquired through many years working in areas like medicine, mechanics, engineering, legal or administrative sectors.

The translators of our team that will be selected to carry out the translation project will always be professionals with demonstrable experience in the sector that is required to understand and reflect the parameters, the specific language and the inherent thinking - that is, all the characteristics - of the text to be translated.

We carry out a wide range of translations, into all languages: translations of general texts, technical translations, legal translations, web page translations and texts for search engine optimization (SEO).

Another area of our work is the realization of transcriptions, the grammatical and stylistic revision of documents and the creation of multilingual contents for your web pages, blogs, to facilitate communication with your clients (CRM) in multiple languages.

Translation of commercial texts

We translate your commercial texts into any language, taking into account in particular factors such as context, cultural references or the specific target group to which the document is addressed, so that the client has the impression that the text has not been translated, but written directly in the respective language.

Technical translations

Technical translation requires a well-founded basis of the terminology of the different specialized fields. Our technical translators not only master the target language and the target language perfectly; they know what the text describes, what it is about and what specific terminology has to be used.

Sworn translations

The sworn translation allows you to present your certificates, degrees, diplomas or any other official document at official organisms, with the seal and signature of a sworn translator, in any language.

Translation of web pages

We help you translate your website, to ensure the multilingual presence of your company and brand on the internet which will help you expand your markets and your range of potential customers; we promote your brand image and strengthen your corporate identity, improving your web traffic and number of daily visitors

Translations and style correction

At connect, we offer you a comprehensive service: from redacting the contents of your materials and web pages, through the grammatical and stylistic revision of the contents already available, to the translation into several languages - so your company achieves its goals and successfully communicates with its global customers!

Native professional translators at your service. Here at connect SL, we ONLY translate into our native language.